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At Seamore’s we put the local back into seafood in a modern, healthy, and sustainable way - bringing our oceans back to the urban table because New Yorker’s deserve a reunion of city and sea.

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We currently offer indoor & outdoor dining at all locations, strictly enforcing CDC and government guidelines inside & out.

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Local seafood is better seafood - why not enjoy it at home? 
Our menus ebb and flow with the tides - offering a rotating selection of daily catches to keep our ecosystems healthy, our oceans abundant, and our bellies full of feel-good fish.


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Order directly on our website 
so we can reel in those third-party fees.  
Thanks for the support!

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Meal Kits with a Mission

We're making seafood simple for New Yorkers to cook right at home. Enjoy our prepared meal kits offering premium quality seafood delivered, classic Seamore's recipes, and support for local sustainable fishermen through the pandemic.


Available for delivery and pick-up across Manhattan & parts of Brooklyn. 

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Selling only species whose stocks are stable or growing and are harvested in an environmentally conscious manner. 

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Share the Seamore's Experience with your crew! 

Our welcoming and relaxed environment, reminiscent of California’s iconic roadside taco stands - reimagined for shores of Montauk, make for a perfect endless summer occasion. 

With a commitment to providing quality food, service, and great vibes, we hope you host your next event with us!  

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