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Wild fish stocks are predicted to be gone by 2048.
That doesn't sit right with us. 

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Wild fish and the thrill of fishing connect us to our oceans. In order to share these tastes, passions, and experiences with future generations, we must improve ocean health by changing how we eat and source our fish. 

Here, we proudly serve fish you can feel good about.


Selling only species whose stocks are stable or growing and are harvested in an environmentally conscious manner.

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Following Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Standards, all our seafood is rated GREEN or YELLOW

Through these standards and transparency from our fisherman, farmers, and wholesaler we can ensure 

Seafood Watch


Our mission tackles sustainability in many different ways. In addition to ratings, we help our oceans by

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You can't do it alone. To accomplish sustainability, we need cooperation at all levels of the supply chain. All our seafood is procured through Greenpoint Fish & And Lobster Co. - a James Beard Smart Catch supplier. We're so proud to work with Vinny and his team, and thank all our partners for making what we do possible!

Greenpoint Fish  Other Partners  


Even at our most sustainable, most wild stocks are in danger. 
We see fish farmed right as the solution.

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Each year incredible advancements are made in aquaculture, giving us delicious, quality fish with significantly less damage to our oceans. 

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We're pretty excited to drop salmon for New York Steelhead, sourced from the nation's most sustainable fish farm. And we're pretty lucky it's located just two hours north, in Hudson, NY. This reduces our pressure on salmon fisheries and our carbon emissions. 

Come in and try our tasty local steelhead and spread the word! 

Steelhead + RAS Aquaculture


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We give our oyster shells to Billion Oyster Project, who puts them back in New York Harbor oyster beds instead of throwing them out. A single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day! Recycling shells allows our reefs to regenerate properly - cleaning up our waters and bringing back wildlife. So slurp up that briny goodness and get ready give back! 

Learn More About Shell Collection  

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We're super excited to partner with Beam - an app that let's you donate on us! Anytime you eat with us, we'll give a portion of that money to one of our partner organizations doing good for our oceans, such as Billion Oyster Project and Fishwise. Download the app and make every meal here count!

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