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We do market fish a bit differently here. Explore our variety of local and sustainably sourced fish. Click on the fish for more information on the fishery.

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mild + sweet, firm

Nova Scotia

The current staple for our fish tacos with a snapper-like flavor and texture but far more sustainable. Even with their bright colors, these fish stay hidden in deep ocean as red light does not penetrate water as well as other light and won't reflect. 

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sweet + delicate, firm + white

Gloucester, MA

A member of the cod family and a great replacement for your fish + chips. This fish schools in the Northwest Atlantic and can live up to 23 years!

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light, tender + sweet

Montauk, NY

Caught by local Captain Mike on his day-boat, these dry-packed scallops are butter on your tongue, The part you eat is actually it's abductor muscle which allows it to move itself around open ocean - something other bivalves can't do!

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mild + earthy, white + firm

Northwestern Atlantic

Another great swap for snapper or striped bass and delicious baked or grilled. These guys have some pretty human looking teeth. Look it up - we promise it's great meme material. 

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medium, firm + moist

Western Central Atlantic

Another great snapper replacement, this fish works well in chowders, stews, and good ol' fillets. As a member of the drum family, it makes a drum sound by vibrating its swim bladder. 

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delicate, tender yet firm

Western Central Atlantic

These firm and lean fillets are perfect for grilling, braising, and baking.  Did you know - many can change sex depending on their social environments!

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rich + full, coarse + moist

Point Pleasant, NJ

These guys are feisty and never fail to put up a fight, making that smoked fillet really worth it. With a distinct flavor and short shelf life it's one of the freshest things on the menu. 

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local minerality, sweet vegetal finish

Peconic Bay, NY

The staple climate cuisine, and most sustainable protein you can eat. They're the best filter-feeders, cleaning up to 50 gallons of water a day, each! They're good for the earth and great on your plate. 

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delicate, white + flakey

Point Pleasant, NJ

This fish looks weird, but we promise these wide fillets are delectable! Interestingly, their eyes are normal at birth but shift to the side as they grow. 

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mild, firm + flakey

Montauk, NY

With a similar texture to lobster or crab, its fillets work in everything - from fish tacos to salads. Their colorful markings and funny head shape give it the nickname "clown of the sea". 


slightly sweet, tender yet firm

Gloucester, MA

A good replacement for cod and commonly used in northern European cuisine when cod stocks were rapidly declining. So batter it up and get some vinegar on puppies.

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mild + slightly sweet, firm

Gloucester, MA

A very mild fish similar to cod. These fish are nocturnal and swim up from the deep to feed at night. 


delicate, firm + flakey

Gloucester, MA

Actually, a species of Hake, this silver fish delivers a classic whitefish taste and texture and makes a great cod replacement. 

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mild + sweet, lean with large moist flakes

Northwestern Atlantic

 You can really appreciate these beautiful fillets on top of any reel deal or salad. Originally called Dolphinfish in the 80's due to their head size, many eaters were scared they were eating actual dolphin! 

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mild, firm + dense

New Bedford, MA

These monsters, also known as "sea devils" may be the tastiest out there. With a lobster like texture they are great in stews, braised, and grilled and gaining popularity globally. 

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rich + sweet, lean + flakey
great on salads!

Point Judith, NJ

One of our favorite's, this small fish packs a big punch. With unexpected flavor for how small the fillets are, you won't want anything else on your salad again. These fish are highly underutilized and make for a great sustainable choice. 

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mild, white + firm

Newport, RI

This winged fish normally was thrown out as bycatch but it delivers a smooth consistent whitefish flavor and texture, great for replacing any cod dish. 

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mild, firmer than other flakey fishes

Port Canaveral, FL

These striped fish have a lovely sweetness due to their shellfish diet. In fact, their mouths are lined with human-like molars to crush all those shells! Another great sustainable replacement for a sweeter take on whitefish.

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rich, flakey + moist

Port Canaveral, FL

With a distinct and oil focused flavor, this fish never disappoints. Wonderful grilled or smoked, we love this on our reel deals and salads. They actually belong to the same family as Tuna! 

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delicate, firm + flakey

New Bedford, MA

These rays have a scallop-like texture under their skin, leaving a buttery finish on your tastebuds. They don't have stingers, but do whip around some sharp thorns!

(image in progress)


oceanic, firm + tender

Beaufort, SC 

A great replacement for groupers, these fish are plentiful and delicious. Like their name suggests, they live in deep water inhabiting caves and shipwrecks. 



buttery sweet flavor, dense white flakes

Gulf of Mexico + Atlantic Coast

This fish is a great replacement for Redfish.  Some distinguishing characteristics of this fish include a dark gray or green back and silvery-white below, with distinct round spots on back, fins and tail.  With a meaty texture and briny taste, this fish is a must try!

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moderately firm, delicate flavor


A Member of the Salmonidae family, Atlantic salmon is considered a very healthy food and one of the fish with a more refined taste in many cultures.  The fatty meat appears almost marbled when raw, retains its color when cooked and has a large, moist flake.



moderately firm, sweet + mild flavor

Chesapeake Bay

Historically, catfish were often viewed as a delicacy to be enjoyed on feast days and holidays.  Dress it up with a complex sauce, or dress it down for an outdoor barbeque- This fish absorbs flavors readily and is as versatile as chicken. We love it fried on a sandwich!

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full flavored | firm + white

Atlantic Ocean

 The Croaker visits the Chesapeake Bay from March through October and is found throughout the Bay as far north as the Susquehanna Flats. The loudest of the Drum family, this species has edible skin and is lean and full-flavored, with an almost sweet taste.



sweet + mild | white

South Atlantic 

The Red Drum has a sweet, mild flavor and firm, moist flesh, similar to snapper in texture. Younger fish are often indistinguishable in flavor from black drum. Scientists believe that the black spot near their tail helps fool predators into attacking the red drum's tail instead of its head, allowing the red drum to escape.

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tender + flaky | rich + buttery

Southern U.S.

In the United States, the main species used for soft-shell crab is Blue.  The crab is extracted from the water right before they molt their exoskeleton, which allows us to eat the entire crab instead of having to shell them.  They offer a rich, sweet, and succulent flavor.


firm + white | mild

Potomac River Basin

You can feel good about eating this invasive species! The Snakehead was accidentally released in a Maryland pond in 2002 and became a permanent fixture in the Potomac in 2004.  Snakehead has a dense, meaty, white flesh with a mild taste that is ideal for anything from grilling to sauteing.